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Math Overview

Math Overview


*Brief Math Overview*

In math, we will continue to use the EnVisions series.  You will find that the layout is similar to third grade, so this may help with the transition.  The students will be learning concepts from place value, computation, fractions, decimals, geometry, problem solving, etc.  We really focus on higher level thinking and breaking down problems into simpler pieces.  We will also continue to utilize the CUBES strategy to help with multi-step problem solving, as well as writing to help with how to respond to open-ended prompts.  


*A Typical Math Lesson Looks Like...

Review Homework from the Previous Lesson

Number Talk

Solve & Share Challenge

Mini Lesson - Introduction to new material

Guided Practice with Mrs. Hassinger

Independent Practice

Small Group Practice (Quadrants)

Exit Slip



*How to Access Savvas Realize Online Workbook...
To access the online workbook, students must login to Schoology through their Clever account.  All current and previous lessons are available to review and practice. 


*What Can You Find on the Savvas Realize Online Workbook...

Student Workbook 
Visual Learning Video 
Practice Buddy Questions that have digital help available
Quick Check that serves as an end of lesson practice quiz


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