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Supplies List


Supplies List

Below is a list of items we use often in our classroom.  If you can please send these items in with your child, it would be greatly appreciated!  If for any reason you are unable to provide these, please reach out to me prior to the start of school.  I am happy to help!  Also, PTA will supply the standard take-home folder, agenda book, and a pack of crayons. 


*ELA & Social Studies Supplies ONLY
• Green Folder (ELA)
• Red Folder (SS)
• 1 Binder (1 inch)
• 1 Spiral Notebook


*Math & Science Supplies ONLY
• Blue Folder (math)
• Yellow Folder (science)
• 1 Spiral Notebook


*Shared Supplies Between Classes
• Pencils
• White Board Markers
• White Board Eraser (old sock)
• Highlighters
• Glue Sticks
• Scissors
• Coloring Supplies → (student preference - crayons, markers, colored pencils)
• Pencil Box
• Headphones
• Cinch Bag (optional)

*Optional Supplies:
• Tissues
• Clorox Wipes

• Hand Sanitizer 


**Note: This list is being provided as a courtesy to Parents/Guardians.  Items that are not purchased by Parents/Guardians will be provided by the District.