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Learning and Behavioral Concerns -RTII

RTII (Response To Instruction and Intervention)
Students that have needs that go beyond the everyday instruction or behavior interventions will begin the RTII process.
Teachers regularly assess their students needs based upon which level of instruction or intervention they need. These levels are called
Tiers. Many interventions will also take place during our Enrichment and Remediation Time at the end of the day.
Tier 1: The majority of the students are at this level. These are the everyday instructional supports or classroom behavioral interventions.
Tier 2: At this level, students may experience more intense interventions through smaller groups, specially designated groupings or specific behavior plans. These interventions occur from a few times a week up to daily. Student progress is monitored. Parents are notified in writing when a student enters a Tier 2.
Tier 3: Students receive more intense interventions daily and are monitored regularly for progress. If interventions are not successful at this tier, students may be referred for different interventions or a comprehensive educational evaluation. Parents are notified in writing when a student enters a Tier 3.