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Medication in School

There are times when medications need to be given during school hours. Certain procedures must be followed to ensure the safety of all children. No medication will be given, including over-the-counter products, without parental authorization and medical prescription for a doctor. Medication Administration Forms may be obtained
through the school nurse. Click Here   for a copy of the Norwin School District Medication Permission to Administer Medication Form. 

1. PRESCRIPTION ORDER – All medications even over-the-counter-medicines must have a
prescription from the doctor with the child’s name, medication to be administered, dosage and
frequency/time to be administered.

2. LABELED PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE/CONTAINER – At the pharmacy, ask for a container for
school with the complete prescription label on it.

3. ORIGINAL CONTAINER – All over-the-counter medicines must come in the original package/box.

4. MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FORM – Parent must sign this form and return it to the school nurse.

5. EXPIRATION DATE – Check the expiration date of medications before sending them into school.

6. All medication is to be stored and administered in the Health Room.

7. The child is responsible for reporting to the Health Room for his/her medication at the designated time.

8. If cough drops or throat lozenges are needed, please send in with a note to the nurse. Cough drops and lozenges will be kept and administered at the discretion of the school nurse, in the nurse’s office as needed.

9. Students are permitted to possess and self-administer asthma inhaler and/or Epi-pen in school under certain conditions. Contact your child’s school nurse for details. Your child's physician MUST INCLUDE that your child can "Self-Carry and Administer" their Epi-Pen or asthma inhaler on the prescription in order for this request to be complete. Form for Self-Carry and Administer is same as in above.