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Fitness Test Descriptions

Norwin School District Fitness Test




Curl ups: 1 minute….done on a mat with the feet off the mat, knees bent and hands slide along the mat until they reach the edge of the mat/back of their heels.  A partner will hold their feet while the teacher counts out loud each time the hands touch the edge of the mat/back of the heels.  If the correct form is broken the curl up will not count.


40 yard shuttle run…Students will have two attempts, keeping the best score.  This is a timed event.  On signal they will run down pick up one shuttle and run back and pivot on the starting line and drop the shuttle.  They will then run down and get the second shuttle and run through the starting line holding the second shuttle.  They will run 10 yards to get the first shuttle then back the 10 yards to the start line to drop it off, and then run the 10 yards again to get the second shuttle and then the final 10 yards to cross the finish line.


Sit and reach:  The students will sit on the ground with their feet underneath the sit and reach box. They may not bend their knees and they must keep one hand on top of their other hand reaching out as far as they can. The student must hold the stretch for a full 3 count. The farthest distance out of three tries will be recorded.


Pacer test:  The teacher will be given a CD…This test starts slowly and picks up speed.  Volleyball court markings are used to measure, 60 feet.  Students will go the distance one way and then stop.  They must make the distance before the beep.  They continue doing this back and forth, each time counting as a lap.  They are done the second time they can’t make the distance before the beep, or if they decide they can't do anymore and walk off.