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Math Resources

These are some resources that the students may want to use throughout the year. If you need any login information for these sites please let me know!
Kandoolu- this site will provide the students with questions related to our 3rd grade curriculum. The students' progress will be tracked. 
Khan Academy-this site will provide the students with short videos that explain the concepts taught in class. Practice questions will also be provided. 
Xtramath-this site provides the students with practice in basic fact computation.
Math Book Link-this is the site linked to our curriculum. I will post optional assignments to this site.
Common Core Worksheets-this site provides the students with worksheets that can be printed.
Engage NY-this is another site that provides practice for 3rd grade skills. The questions provide the students with a different look at the content.
Word Problem Builder-this site allows users to create word problems for students to work on. They should use the CUBES strategy to solve the problems.