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Math Information

Math Overview
We will continue to use the Envision series this year. The pages will look a little different, but the process will be similar to 2nd grade. The main ideas that we will cover include but are not limited to place value, multiplication, fractions, measurement, and geometry. The students will also encounter longer and more complex word problems. The students will continue to use our CUBES word problem solving strategy. The students will participate in math stations during the day which will allow them to work on different concepts at different levels. My classroom is extremely hands-on, and I enjoy watching the students working in groups as well as listening to their discussions.
Math Lesson at a Glance
Daily Spiral Review/Number Talk
Multiplication Fact Practice
Solve and Share (within math book)
Mini-Lesson (whole group)
Math Stations (Guided Practice, Target Practice, All About Math, I-Pads)
Review Math Stations (whole group)
Assign Homework
Here is our Pearson online resource: