Frequently Asked Questions.  This section contains answers to questions often asked by students and parents.



How can I contact you?
You can contact me at school by email [email protected], (this will get you the quickest response) by sending a note in with your child, or by leaving a voicemail (last resort). Then I can call or email you during my planning period or send you a note home in response to your question/concern.
Will my child receive homework in your class?
Your child will receive about 20 minutes of homework most nights. The assignments are age appropriate to help your child practice reading skills we are working on in class. Students will not have homework on Fridays and holiday breaks.
May I send a birthday treat for my child's birthday?
Yes, you may send in a treat. However, the policy at Hahntown is that you must send in a snack that is prepackaged for each individual child (i.e. individual bags of pretzels, prepackaged cookies, etc.).  Please do not send in homemade items. If your child has a summer birthday, I will create a schedule for those during the month of May. Also, we do have students in our class with a  severe peanut/nut allergy, so please do not send it any items that could possibly contain peanuts/nuts. Lastly, please send in all necessary items needed for your child's snack (plates, napkins, utensils, etc.). Thank you for your understanding! 2021-22 SCHOOL YEAR-ALL BIRTHDAY TREATS MUST BE STORE BOUGHT, PREPACKAGED, AND WILL BE SENT HOME WITH THE CHILDREN WHO ARE AT SCHOOL ON THE DAY YOUR CHILD DISTRIBUTES HIS/HER TREATS.