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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my child meets his/her speech goals prior to the end of the IEP date?

When speech goals are met, the speech therapist will initiate the dismissal process.  This may happen at any time.  The child is not obligated to stay in speech therapy for the entire school year.

What if my child’s needs change prior to the end of the IEP?

It is your right as a parent to re-open the IEP at any time.  The first step would be to call the speech therapist to discuss your concerns. An addendum to the IEP can be added at any time.

How long will my child need speech therapy?

There are many factors that influence progress in speech therapy.  Each child progresses at a different rate.  Practicing is the best thing that you can do with your child. If you are having difficulty with getting your child to produce his/her speech sounds correctly, contact the speech therapist at your child’s school for suggestions and techniques that are used in therapy.  Please remember that many later developing sounds such as /s/ and /r/ may take time.

When will my child be pulled from class for speech?

Your child’s classroom teacher and the speech therapist consult often regarding your child’s progress in speech class.  A specific time is agreed upon between the speech therapist and classroom teacher.  Speech days/times can always be changed throughout the year, to accommodate the needs of the child.