Steven Smith » WELCOME TO 4TH GRADE!!!


Dear Students and Parents:


Hello and welcome back!  My name is Mr. Steve Smith and I will be your child’s Science and Social Studies teacher.  Last year was my ninth year at Hahntown; however, I have been teaching fourth grade for 13 years.  I hope you and your child are just as excited about this upcoming school year as I am.  

Fourth grade is a wonderful year in school.  In preparation for Hillcrest, the students become more independent in their schoolwork and the outcomes are great!   Independence is something we stress in fourth grade. Your child will be responsible for keeping an agenda, which will be updated each day.  All assignments and important reminders will be written in this agenda, so be sure to check it over.  The students will also be responsible for completing and returning all homework assignments.  

I strongly believe in keeping an open line of communication between teacher and parent(s).  If you ever have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to call me at school at 724-861-3020 ext. 6131 or email me at



Mr. Steven Smith
724-861-3020, ext. 6131


Supplies List

Below is a list of items we use often in our classroom.  If you can please send any of these supplies in with your child, on the first day of school, it would be greatly appreciated!  If for any reason you are unable to provide these, I will have extras in the classroom.  Also, PTA will supply the standard take-home folder and a pack of crayons. 


1 Extra folder of each color, in case yours falls apart during the year
(blue-math, yellow-science, red-social studies, green-reading)
# 2 pencils (Mechanical Pencils are permitted)
Dry Erase Markers (You can NEVER have enough of these!!!)
Dry Erase Eraser (Old sock works!)
Small pencil box
Headphones (Technology class)
Box of tissues (Classroom supplies)
Clorox wipes (Classroom supplies)
Hand Sanitizer (Classroom supplies)
**Some students may prefer to bring a cinch sack to tote materials for switch.**

Room 31’s Classroom Essentials

*Weekly Update: To help build parent-teacher communication, a weekly update will be sent home every Friday.  It will also be an attachment on Skyward each Friday.  It will post information for the upcoming week.  For example, daily specials, tests, important news, as well as activities and concepts being taught in each subject area. 


*Take Home Folders & Agenda: Take home folders will be sent home on a nightly basis.  These will contain all of the papers and homework assignments from the day.  Please be sure to look through the take home folder, complete any homework, empty unnecessary papers, and return the folders for the next day.  The agenda is a way for students to keep track of their homework and tests.  Everyday, your child will record his/her homework and any reminders.  I ask that you review their planner nightly.


*Homework: As your child progresses in his/her school career, homework becomes more and more essential.  Homework will be assigned often and will be a part of your child’s grade.  Although it is your child’s responsibility to complete his/her homework, I fully encourage parent involvement.  Not only will involvement reinforce your child’s learning, but it will also keep you informed and up-to-date on what we are learning in the classroom!


Policies and Procedures

*Water/ Snack:  I strongly encourage all of the students to bring in a water bottle everyday.  Your child will perform better in school if he/she is able to frequently hydrate his/her brain. Your child may also bring in a small, healthy snack to hold them over until lunch.  Some recommendations would be carrot sticks, a cheese stick, granola bar, grapes, an apple, etc.  Please no chips, cookies, etc. 


*Birthdays:  Yes, your child may bring in a treat for his/her birthday.  If your child has a summer birthday, he/she may bring something in at the end of the school year. Please check with me ahead of time as far as food allergies.  As of now, we have 25 students in our class. 


*Hahntown PTA:

I highly encourage everyone to become a PTA member.  We have a wonderful PTA at Hahntown and they can always use help.  Also, in order to volunteer in school events, such as parties and field trips, you must be a current PTA member and have gone through the training meeting.





Day 1:  Tech
Day 2:  Gym
Day 3:  Library
Day 4:  Music
Day 5:  Art
Day 6:  Class. Tech