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Grade 3 Witch's Brew!

Hahntown Witch’s Brew

The 3rd graders at Hahntown Elementary brewed with excitement over their latest classroom activity!  Mrs. Hanley and Mrs. Schultz had their students participate in a sensory activity that required them to visualize and use their sense of touch to identify the ingredients in “Old Witchy Moberg’s Creepy Crawly Brew.” The boys and girls were actively engaged and excited to reach their hand into six different hidden bowls that contained items such as a “Goblin Brain” and “Werewolf Ears”, to name a few. Once they moved through all six stations, the children needed to use their speaking and listening skills as required by the PA Common Core Standards. (Students present appropriately in formal speaking situations, listen critically, and respond intelligently as individuals or in group discussions.)

The Hahntown 3rd Graders had the cleanest hands in the district, because hand sanitizer and/or hand washing was a must before and after each station!