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Grade 3 Learning - Escaping the Mayflower

Escaping on the Mayflower


The 3rd grade students at Hahntown Elementary participated in a Thanksgiving escape room on Tuesday, November 26 in their homeroom classes. The students worked in groups to design and construct their own versions of the Mayflower. Then, with the help of their teacher, they tested their ship in water to see how many “pilgrims” (pennies) it could carry without sinking. While some groups designed a ship that could accommodate more “pilgrims” than others, all groups were able to successfully construct a ship that was able to float!

Finally, the second part of the escape room consisted of the boys and girls moving around the room and looking for clues to unlock envelopes. To unlock the envelopes, students needed to solve coded messages, decipher clues, and answer questions that pertained to the first Thanksgiving.

Everyone had a great time, and they also learned some new facts about the first Thanksgiving that they did not know before!